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RenWeb1 VS RenWeb Desktop

RenWeb1 is accessed via http://www.Renweb.com and your Web Browser (Internet).

RenWeb Desktop is a program loaded on your computer. It looks radically different (old school).

Cur Trac – Turn Off Which Fields Show up in Parents Web

By default, ALL the boxes shown in Curriculum Trak show up in Parents Web. That means you need to TURN OFF, at the very least, “Reflection Notes”

Curriculum Trak Login URL


Common Misspellings, simply so the search feature can find this page: Curiculum Track

Curriculum Trac, What is It?

RenWeb1 – Setup Grades Initially

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See School Policy for both quantity and percentages

RenWeb1 – Attendance

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  • Add one at a time
  • Fill Down
  • Run report of all week, or even term, to make sure you entered it and that renweb saved it correctly.